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best sporting long reads of 2013The commercials for Super Bowl XLVI are almost all sold out at a rate of $3.5 million per 30 second advertisement. Commercials are a large part of what makes the Super Bowl so successful and helps capture audiences of casual sports fans. The internet stream will feature different commercials and it is unknown how much these ads will go on sale for but it will be extra income for Comcast from its first Super Bowl.26. The Niners sideline got hit with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the third quarter after cheap jerseys picking up a warning earlier in the game. Gumbel suggested on the broadcast that it was because Chip Kelly kept coming out too far on the field. If that were the case, Pete Carroll would get a dozen penalties per game for overzealous on field strutting.At the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal swimmers from East Germany won 11 of the 13 events Was in the pool; in the 1990s, their coaches admitted they had pumped their athletes full of steroids. The East German swimmers’ cheating wasn’t discovered but eight weightlifters were found to have bulked up on steroids.The NBA got so tired of his shenanigans that they made breaking a backboard a finable offense. “Chocolate Thunder” played six seasons in Philly and then departed for the New Jersey Nets. Dawkins narrowly missed out on a championship, as the 76ers won the NBA Finals the next year. Still, he was an undeniable star, as well as was one of those athletes who realizes that, first and foremost, they are entertainers. Dawkins gave himself nicknames such as “Dr. Dunkenstein” and claimed to be from Planet Lovetron. His dunks even had names he attributed to them, including “The Yo Mama” and the “Look Out Below.” Stevie Wonder actually gave him the aforementioned “Chocolate Thunder” moniker upon meeting him for the first time, so, obviously, Dawkins even inspired awe from people who couldn’t see him.If one game can be an indication, it looks like the Browns blew it in bypassing on the chance to draft Wentz, whose debut for the Eagles against Cleveland of all teams was pretty much a best case scenario. He passed for 278 yards with 2 TDs Cheap NFL Jerseys and avoided major blunders. FEINSTEIN: Pat Riley and Phil Jackson, great rivals in the ’90s when Riley was coaching the Knicks and Jackson was coaching Michael Jordan and the Bulls. Riley just came back two weeks ago to the Heat, coming out of retirement to take over the team now that he’s got Shaquille O’Neal at center. And, of course, Jackson came out of retirement to come back to the Lakers this year for a mere 10 million cheap oakleys sunglasses bucks.
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