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King George Hospital (Case Study)

King George Hospital – Laundry Department

King George Hospital, Ilford, is one of three sites operated on the outskirts of north-east London by the Barking, Havering cheap nfl jerseys and Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust to serve a population of about 700,000. With 960 acute beds and an A&E Department handling 85,000 cheap oakleys attendances annually, KGH has an enormous requirement for clean bed linen as well as garments for patients and staff. Responsible for supplying KGH oakleys outlet with all its clean linen and garments is Laundry Manager John Harbourne, supported by a complement of 75 permanent staff.

Following an efficiency review, senior Cheap NFL Jerseys China management decided several years ago to reduce costs and improve flexibility by operating the KGH laundry with permanent staff levels below the full headcount. To avoid periodic overstaffing, the permanent workforce would be allowed to fall to 85% of full headcount, with agency staff accounting for the other 15%, but fluctuating to reflect the variable levels of annual leave and sickness absence. This strategy, implemented in partnership with Triangle Recruitment on the recommendation of other Triangle users, has served KGH well.

“Triangle provided long-term resources to support the permanent team, plus short-term personnel to cover leave and sickness,” John Harbourne explains. “They allocated an on-site manager for the early months, enabling a group of agency staff to gain experience of the work. We were happy with the quality and skill levels of virtually for all of the staff supplied. Soon we had a valuable back-up supply of trained people available to meet periodic demands for extra support.

“We have used other recruitment agencies in the past, but Triangle has been the best of all those we have tried. That is why we have worked with them for so many years and will continue to do so as long as they maintain their high standards. They are very good at working with you to establish your particular staffing needs and I have found them very professional, efficient and honest. We have a good working relationship with Triangle and use them 24/7, 52 weeks a year.”

Triangle’s long-standing relationship with fake oakleys this prestigious public-sector client is evidence of the company’s ability to establish efficient working arrangements and to deliver ongoing client satisfaction through to the long term. This provides reassurance to prospective clients that if they choose Triangle Recruitment as a partner they will not find themselves going through the selection process all over again the following year.

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