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Logistics Division

The incorporation of TML formalised the 15 year working relationship of a team of specialist practitioners with extensive experience in Automotive, Engineering and Production Sectors. The specific operational skills set of our team allows professional provision of all of the above services and more, all of which is designed and executed from first principles to give the customer the best possible TOTAL COST solution.

Single Image TML are able to support the high level development of full factory layouts through value stream mapping from first principles and or the optimising of operational hard points i.e. Just In Time or synchronous manufacture, Warehouse On Wheels etc. to the detail of standard work station loading/balancing and mapping of standard support routines including In /Outbound and line side material flows/feeds etc.

Utilising materials planning and mapping processes we are able to ensure the standardisation and implementation of a plan of every part , mapping products, BOM, MRP, advanced load plans, efficient delivery routines to FIFO line side use and returns, whilst ensuring optimisation of the true total cost of logistics and not just looking at piece part cost.

equipment small TML has the ability to design, develop, manufacture, and supply cost effective equipment and assembly aides that add value to a customers manufacturing, assembly or logistics process, through the application of a philosophy of in building Health & Safety to an ergonomic design, utilising GD & T control, mistake proofing and quick change over.

prototype TML is also able to support global supplier development or re-sourcing activities through the practical application of on site supplier technical support to drive Advanced Product Quality Planning and product development from QFD, DFMEA through full product & process validation to supply or to execute containment management and 8D problem resolution.

We are able to support low volume production runs through limited life tooling or prototype development through CAD design, FEA, testing and low volume manufacture.

people process small Triangle Manufacturing and Logistics with its extensive experience and ability have the right team to support your outsourced service requirements, with the support of recruitment and training Triangle is a ‘Full Service’ Service provider that works with its customers to achieve their Targets & Goals

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